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Paw Tracks Here and Abroad: A Dog’s Tale

Paw Tracks Here and Abroad: A Dog's Tale Paw Tracks Here and Abroad is a book for "children" ages 6 to 96 It chronicles the adventures of Snickers, a stray dog with a strong will to survive. When Snickers is adopted in Peoria, Illinois, she quickly becomes part of the family-but that doesn't keep her from trying to escape whenever the opportunity presents itself Over her twenty-two long years as a beloved member of the Wilson family, Snickers moves across the country and halfway across the world, makes new friends, observes and engages in bizarre behaviors, and experiences the thrill of encountering other cultures. A Dog's Tale is Snickers' story, told from a dog's-eye view, about loyalty, nurturing, adoption, playtime, exercise, socialization, veterinarian care, nutrition, grooming, boarding, and aging. At Snickers' request, Paw Tracks and the author are proud supporters of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(r). The ASPCA was established in 1866 as the first humane society in North America. Today it maintains programs that extend anticruelty and animal welfare missions across the country. The author believes that having animals in our lives makes the world a better place, and he and Snickers both believe the ASPCA makes the world a much better place for animal

My Cat Cards

My Cat Cards This pack of five greetings cards features Jo Cox's charming linocut illustrations of her son Tom's cats, The Bear, Shipley, and Roscoe. The Bear and Shipley are known on Twitter as @mysadcat and @myswearycat. Packaged in a clear gift box, this pack of five cards are blank inside for your own message.

Detective Dog

Detective Dog Wagstaff City is in trouble, and it's time for Martha to break out her doggie detective skills in this full-color, two-part Martha Speaks chapter book. First, she becomes a patrol dog for a day and exposes some smugglers of infested rutabagas that could destroy the city's crops. Then, Martha joins Helen to sniff out a thief's identity in a rash of robberies. It's all tail-waggingly exciting. even the activities section and glossary of fun new vocabulary For more Martha antics, visit www. marthathetalkingdog.com.